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    Digital Marketing

    LinkedIn + Facebook: How to leverage your brand effectively in different social media environments.

    In this class, we will go over how these two platforms can be used to build, grow, and evolve your personal or professional brand. We will study brands on each platform as they relate to you, as well as understanding how to differentiate your content based on the channel. This class will also cover tools built into each platform, as well as how to use analytics to quantify impact of posts and what to create more of.



    April 21st, 12:30pm-2:30pm

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    Intro to Social Media Data Algorithms

    Content creators, brands and individuals alike need to understand how best to work with the social media algorithms to generate the best return for their content creating efforts. At the end of this class learners will develop a social media strategy that works for their project, organization or business.


    April 24th 6:30pm-8:30pm

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    May, 24th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

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    Startup Development & Design

    Creating Your UX playbook

    Through our years in UX, and extensive experience working with both large and small companies, it has become clear that UX has value far beyond interface design – it is a philosophy and a lens for business success. The most successful companies are those that push themselves to adopt a holistic user-centered strategy, and the luckiest are those that have a chance to take on this perspective from the start.

    During this workshop, we will work through a series of activities that help you define and establish a strong user-centered foundation for your entrepreneurial ambitions. You will walk away with a UX Playbook that serves as an ongoing guiding light and reference point for how to make smart business, design, and development decisions as you grow.


    April 26th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

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    Developing a tangible business plan

    Strategize and Reach Your Client

    Brainstorming an effective marketing strategy is never easy work — you have to make decisions on who you think your target customers are, then spend an enormous amount of time gathering and analyzing data about their consumer habits. It’s either time-consuming or expensive, and often it’s both.


    However, this time and monetary investment could yield game-changing results for your venture. Are you starting to roll out your business or marketing plan and netting yourself some customers? This class will help you to be successful.


    May 8th, 6:30pm to 8:30p

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    Introductory coding: front-end development

    Understanding the foundations of a website, such as HTML and CSS, is highly beneficial for marketers, business professionals and designers. This workshop 101-104 series provides the foundations for building a website from scratch and is ideal for those looking to launch a site or anyone interested in understanding coding languages. sign up below:


    Dates vary for classes

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    Graphic Design

    Learning graphic design with T-shirt design and Adobe illustrator.

    Graphic design 101 - Looking to learn more about digital design? Come learn how to create vector artwork and apply it to design your own t-shirt. This workshop will cover the basics of Illustrator. This is the 1st workshop in a series.


    Graphic design 102 - Looking to learn more about digital design? Adobe InDesign is a great tool to get started. The program is used for both print and digital design - think brochures, presentations, magazine spreads and even books - and is one of the most popular design tools among Designers that is used to bring ideas to life. If you're looking to create collateral, or simply want to learn how to make killer presentations, this workshop will arm you with the skills needed to navigate the many functions and tools of Adobe InDesign.


    Graphic design 103 - Round out the skills learned in 101 & 102 as well as instruction with an emphasis on creating patterns and pushing creative boundaries in graphic design.


    Dates vary for classes

    Graphic design 101

    Graphic design 102

    Graphic design 103


    Introduction to WordPress

    Mastering website development using a common platform

    Whether you are building a business or building our brand, having a website is a must. WordPress powers almost 27 percent of the entire internet! Learn the basics about WordPress, how to identify if it works for you, and develop a plan of action to get started while starting your own website throughout the training series. Students will need to purchase hosting & a domain.


    Dates Vary

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    Public Speaking 100 Series

    Learn to become a METHOD speaker and a METHOD host with the public speaking 101 and 102 series

    Public speaking 101 - This workshop will help develop you to become a METHOD speaker. METHOD speakers are individuals who are: Memorable, Engaging, Thought-Provoking, High-Powered, Original & Dynamic. This series will teach you how to find your voice through your own personal and professional experiences.


    Public speaking 102 - If you’ve always wanted to host your own live event, workshop or seminar, and leave your audience wanting more and their lives forever changed, then take your first step to learn how to become a METHOD host! A METHOD host is: Memorable, Engaging, Thought-Provoking, High-Powered, Original & Dynamic.



    Professional Development

    Job interview skills training 101. April 17th, and 28th


    Whether you’re in a technical or non-technical industry, many job seekers spend a considerable amount of time searching for a new opportunity but not enough time focusing on the interview process that will get them the job. This course will go over the issues and provide an in-depth analysis of the interviewing process. At the end of this lesson learners will:

    1. Know the 3 phases of properly preparing for an interview.

    2. Understand the questions an interviewer will ask you

    3. Identify true meaning why and interviewer would ask you specific questions

    4. Number one action that most job seekers are NOT doing that stops them from becoming a strong contender to get the job.


    Intro to Python Programming 101

    Teaching advanced coding from scratch

    In this workshop, focused for beginners with no programming experience, you’ll learn the Python programming language from scratch. Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. It’s a very popular language and very helpful to data analysts. This training covers some of Python's basic data types as well as basic functions.