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    We always strive for the best.

    1919 - Women in Technology Entrepreneurship

    The 1919 Women in Technology Initiative. The name of the women’s cohort pays homage to the 19th amendment and voting rights act for women. This initiative focuses on bringing together Chicago women in technology through education and collaborations. 1919 is in partnership with Accenture, one of the world’s leading organizations providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services.

    21 Century Youth Project

    21CYP teaches youth advanced technology as a path to opportunity.

    Founded in 2011, the 21st Century Youth Project (21CYP) teaches advanced technology as a path to opportunity. The program focuses on improving skills Today (through teaching and tutoring), Tomorrow (through coaching and mentoring), and the Future (through internship placement), with an entrepreneurial focus. Key deliverables for student participants are creation of web and mobile apps for (Google Android, iPhone, iPad etc.), accompanying business plans, accrual of college credits and case studies on their resumes and portfolios because of hands-on tangible skills gained through internship placements. Parents and guardians can apply for monthly trainings & events for youth.

    Latina Girls Code

    Educating and inspiring youth with the skills and resources to pursue opportunities in technology.

    Latina Girls Code was created to provide education, resources, and a community for young Latinas, ages 7 - 17, who are interested in the many fields of technology.

    BLUE|1647 ABLE

    BLUE1647™ ABLE Program is designed specifically for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This program exposes the individual to technology (i.e., web design, graphic design, coding) to create excitement, train for skills in the workplace, and with the overall goals of employment in the tech industry.
    BLUE1647™ ABLE | Program for Intellectual Coders


    BLUE Fund Rewards - Crowdfunding Platform

    BLUEFund Rewards is a rewards based crowdfunding platform that seeks to reach businesses, organizations and individuals that will contribute to the economic development of underserved communities.

    Code BLUE USA Hackathon Series

    Code Blue USA Hackathon Series

    BLUE1647's CODE BLUE USA is a 12-month series of themed Hackathon's hosted throughout the United States to help bridge the tech gap in under-served communities. We’re closing the digital-divide in our communities and helping students access relevant tech programs.


    Civic Blue1647

    Forging innovative civic data & technology efforts

    The mission of CivicBLUE1647 is to use civic data to teach people about data. We also foster a conversation between technologists and the community in order to spark innovation at the neighborhood level, finding ways to make technology-centric civic engagement more sustainable. BLUE1647 is here to teach and learn, contribute and receive, and to create opportunities to build hope.

    BLUE 50|50 - Its Never To Late To Innovate

    BLUE 1647 recognizes the invaluable contributions of people ages 50 and over. We look to create a place in our space for business owners , entrepreneurs, community activist , and community organizers that have already achieved so much in their lives but are looking to connect to the new world of Technology and Innovation. BLUE is here for you.


    Code Chicago

    Build tangible skills in web, mobile, and game development through workshops and classes.

    Code Chicago is a series of hands-on, mobile development, web programming and design trainings where every participant will work with one another and join in the spirit of collaboration and learning. Whether you’re a beginner or advancing student, we help build up communities in and around the Chicago area, enlarging the market of people that can affect change and solve problems with technology. Weekend & evening events specialize in industry-relevant training, designed with an emphasis on developing your own web and mobile application.

    MineCraft Game Development Bootcamps

    Our Coding and Minecraft Game Development Bootcamps will engage students excitement of learning in a fun way. After our Starter Bootcamp, students are invited to more advanced game development classes. They'll understand how to use Mod Coder Pack (MCP), how to create a new java file, decompiling and recompiling Minecraft Code and more.



    Founders Courses

    Founders Courses was created to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by offering quality courses at accessible rates. We learned many entrepreneurs have the desire to build their companies but are faced with the challenge of having little access to tools and information to achieve their business goals. We solve this problem by providing interactive trainings taught by industry experts with real information students can apply to their businesses right away and have the success they desire and deserve. Learn more here.